Osteopathy for knee problems

Knee problems

The knees are major weightbearing joints. They are some of the most frequently injured joints in the body. They are also prone to wear and tear.

Knee problems can have a whole range of causes. Sometimes there is an obvious reason, for example a sports injury. At other times, you might not be sure why you are experiencing pain, stiffness, aching, locking, swelling or difficulty fully straightening or bending your knee.

Osteopathy can help. Osteopaths diagnose and treat knee problems. Some problems require surgery but many others can be helped with osteopathic treatment, advice and exercise.

When you visit us we will take a detailed case history. We will ask questions like: what symptoms are you experiencing day to day? How and when did the problem start? We will also ask about your general health, work, sports, activities and lifestyle, as well as your medical and accident history. This all helps to put your knee problem in context.

We will examine your knee, and probably also assess your ankle, foot and hip because of the close connection to your knee. We will want to look at your overall posture and alignment, including your spine, so that we can assess the stresses and forces going through your knee joint.

When we examine your knee we will assess your range of movement and look for signs of bony wear and tear or problems with ligaments, tendons, muscles or cartilage. Osteopathic examination will probably also include watching you walk, to see your knee in motion.

Once we have taken your case history and assessed your knee in context, we can discuss a working diagnosis with you and agree a treatment plan. Occasionally, it might be necessary to refer you to your GP for further investigation, such as an X-ray, before we start treatment. We can discuss the reasons for this if it is necessary.

We have several treatment options available. These include targeted soft tissue massage, stretching, muscle energy techniques, joint articulation, fascial release, harmonics and rehabilitation exercises, as well as work on your alignment and advice on postural changes that might give some relief to your knee problem.

If you have a knee problem and would like to discuss it before making an appointment with us, please call on 07954 327614.

Post prepared by Clare Kersley BSc Hons Osteopath

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