Is your posture giving you a headache?

Did you know that poor posture can cause headaches? Using a laptop, iPad or phone for a long period of time in the wrong position (or even for short periods of time if you do it regularly) can lead to a build up of tension and stiffness in your neck, shoulders and upper back. That tightness and stiffness can transmit pain into your head, causing tension headaches.

Your head position makes a big difference. The average adult’s head weighs about 11 pounds (5 kilograms). That weight is supported by your neck and back. The further your head tilts down, the more workload there is for your neck and back to counterbalance the weight of your head.

Research has shown that when your head is tilted down at 45 degrees, the workload for your neck is a staggering 49 pounds (22kg)! So it’s not surprising that long periods of time spent looking down at your phone, iPad or laptop can cause muscle fatigue and strain in the joints and discs of your neck and upper back.

Osteopathic treatment and advice can be very helpful. Osteopaths can work to ease the tightness and strain in your affected musculature and soft tissues. We can also improve the range of movement in your stiff joints. This can help to alleviate tension headaches. We can help by advising you on your posture – how to minimise strain when you’re using your technology. We can also recommend exercises and stretches for you to use to self-manage and to prevent recurrences.

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